Buy a Flyboard for the Summer of 2023

Looking to buy a Flyboard™ Pro Series? (an all plastic hydroflight solution)  New production X-Jets Jetblades are guaranteed not to break, by the manufacturer! (carbon fiber and aluminum models) You can buy a Flyboard™ from a few remaining dealers, support from the original brand has dwindled.  With an X-Jets Jetblade however, you can fly with confidence knowing metal is stronger, requires less service, and your purchase will last for years! As it becomes a collector’s item, the price for a Flyboard™ goes up, as the remaining supply dries up and parts break down.  The prices for a Flyboard™ replacement start at for a superior Jetblade model.  Nozzles and Y pipes have a lifetime ( standard eight years product lifetime warranty against manufacturers defects ).  For the awesome full carbon Scorpion, prices start at for the Scorpion Hybrid and for the Scorpion Ninja.

Flyboard™ is a trademark owned by ZIPH20 SAS, completely unassociated and unaffiliated with Stratospheric Industries Inc and X-Jets.

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