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The X-Jetpack, water jetpacks for jet skis! Yacht charters, Hotel watersports centers, VIP experience, rentals, personal use. Experience flight like nothing else, fly above the water with pure excitement!  We make the world’s leading hydro jetpack in use in over 20 different countries from Columbia to Japan.  Let us get you flying today, units are USD $9995 and convert Yamaha, SeaDoo or Kawasaki jet ski into a jetpack system! We have equipment and training available. ( If you cannot see this email, please click here )




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Flying over water is a reality! X-Jetpacks makes conversion kits for jet skis that allow you to fly up to 10 meters over the surface of the ocean or lakes. You have full 3D control to turn, twist and roll through the air!


Experience flight as close and fast to the water as you like or soar up to 10 meters high over the water. Safe tandem operation keep your instructor or partner within 14 meters at all times. X-Jetpacks offers Certified Flight

Un-boxing the H3X X-Jetpack bolt on kit for jetski. Hydro flight jetpack.

Full kit contents, X-Jetpack, power system with 16 meter double rubber encased 16 meter long hose, tripod stand for storage and fitting. All marine grade materials, built for sport and ease of flight.

Contact us or click on the links below for more information.  Stratospheric Industries Inc is a Seychelles company with offices and manufacturing in Shanghai, China.  We are the leading innovators in the water jetpack market.  Let our specialist get you and your customers flying this summer.  Dealerships available throughout Asia.

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