Pure Power Jets

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What makes a hydro jetpack fly?  The smooth fast channeling of water pressure into two equal and powerful streams.  X-Jetpacks knows that better that anyone on the market. X-Jetpacks introduced the Pure Flow System in January of 2012 when we announced to the world our H2X product.  Nearly four years in development and testing, we achieved the gold standard in hydro jetpack power. Testing has shown that in the computer assisted design, the water flow channels out perform the competitions welded straight tube design by a substantial margin, no noticeable cavitation, more power, more height.  We spent our initial design efforts in insuring the smoothest possible flow for the water through our system.  The result, more power, more height, more efficiency of your jetski engine, a smoother ride due to no vibration, quieter jets, and more fun experience.  The “Y” tube is cast in one piece with a remarkable “split chamber” which separates the water flow into two exactly equal streams, never increasing in volume, always tapering tighter and forcing the water speed to increase until it reaches the focused ends of the nozzle jets.

Equally important to powerful jets is the ability to control them with as little effort as possible.  The state of the art when we started was friction fittings on the nozzle controls.  This causes a stickiness and jerkiness in competitors jetpacks.  We built our own custom rotary bearing system built it compact, and engineered it into each of the nozzle joints. Dual row bearings reduce pressure friction to near zero and make the angle control smooth as silk. Turning and angle control with almost no effort, instant and smooth reaction, the way flight was meant to be.

Super smooth jets, no joints, no welds, continuous taper and water flow control.  Balanced, sleek design into a minimum weight 360 swivel connector for proper flight balance.

Torsion bar, the key factor in controlling and providing stability, the reason that every quality jetpack is built with this system. We build our tough, solid heavy duty nylon rod stock, machined to fit into our custom cast and machined nozzles, linking them and providing a smooth balance for beginners and pros alike.  Our torsion bar is tough yet flexible to allow all advanced maneuvers and tight enough to allow beginners to feel stable and remain in control.

All in all, the power system on the X-Jetpack is the benchmark in hydro jetpacks for power, control, and stability.  X-Jetpacks leads the market in innovation and the others follow along.