1. 1
    Equipment Required

    One of the following watercraft models. Yamaha VX, Seadoo GTR 215.



  2. 2
    Training and Certification

    We will be operating several training and certification centers with more coming online during the summer. Here you can test fly the jetpacks and if you desire to own a unit you can also receive your owners training in the proper usage. All dealers for the x-Jetpacks are required to have at least one certified trainer on staff.

  3. 3
    Installation Procedure

    Moderate mechanical skills and tools are required to install the jetpack adapter kit onto your watercraft. We have both video and electronic manuals to help guide you. The venturi unit of a personal watercraft is replaced by our custom venturi which allows for quick connection and disconnection of the tether/water channel hose.

  4. 4
    Water Skills

    This is a sport that is based in open water or lakes. Therefore you must be comfortable in the water and operate in the presence of rescue personnel. The users of this device must assume all risks for its usage and interactions.

  5. 5
    Assumption of Liability

    Water powered flight, as in any powered sport has inherent risks. Training and careful usage is paramount to the safe enjoyment of this sport. The sport carries with it the risk of injury of death. Before taking delivery of your jetpack you must be certified at one of our training/dealer centers. You will be trained in the safe operation of the jetpack and learn how to control yourself and the riders in tandem with you.