Jetpack System Comparisons


X-Jetpacks H3X (left) Jetlev Florida’s R200 Jetpack, illustrating legs swing (right)
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x-jetpacks water jet packsX-Jetpack floatation is built over the shoulders and biased towards the chest, orienting the pilot face up and comfortable in the water. When the pilot falls into the water, they are quickly lifted head up above the water with small natural movements to move to the seated floating position.
Rental_Assist_58_2-crop-reducedJetlev Florida’s jetpack has all of its floatation in the rear pack, by default floats the pilot face down.  Lessons begin with teaching the new pilot the method to turn over into the breathing position. Beginners often find this first step into the world of hydro flight to be daunting.
releaseThe X-Jetpack safety closure system strives for simplicity and security.  We use a marine snap shackle with three (3) moving components, all of them made of 316 marine grade stainless steel. We use the same beaded release pull that is used in competition ocean sailing, it can be found by feel alone and with one quick downward pull, all the straps open and the pilot is free of the jetpack.
5 point buckleJetlev from Florida’s safety release is multi-component plastic and metal modified car racing seatbelt.  It gets clogged with sand, wears out the small parts and is overly sensitive, so much so that the system has been redesigned with a secondary set of releases to disengage the belts when the buckle gets stuck. In the unlikely event of an emergency, the user must find the dial and turn it with each strap engaged in a separate locking pin.
x-jetpacks-saddle-detailThe X-Jetpacks seat is saddle shaped and padded with a fluid like foam. The sides extend downward between the thighs,  this prevents the legs from swinging sideways and the corresponding steering arm corrections. The forward surfaces of the saddle are curved outward slightly, allowing the user to lock into the saddle if they require more stability.  The natural block of the saddle shape stabilizes automatically even beginner pilots.
jetlev-seatFlorida based Jetlev latest seat is an unpadded plastic bench at a 90 degree angle to the back plane, the pilots legs are down and forward, causing an uncomfortable combination of butt bone lip catch and crotch strap retention.  The small seat allows the pilots legs to swing side to side, this increases the discomfort as over 40% of a persons weight is in the legs, with small muscular counter force to sideways swing.

x-jetpacks water jet packsSteering and controlling all that power.  Jet skis and Jetlev pods generate an amazing amount of power, that is the principle that lifts the pilots into the air and makes this sport such a rush.  The real trick is making that power easy to handle. The X-Jetpack uses two rows of ball bearings and o-ring seals to control the water pressure.  The arms move with no increased resistance when the water pressure comes on, steering is light easy and effortless.
The Florida Jetlev uses flat teflon seals to pivot the arms, this means that when the power is off, the arms move freely, when the massive power comes on, the arms tighten, requiring force to “break” them from one position to steer, this can lead to over steer and corrections, minute, but there and tiring.


IMG_1163A) X-Jetpacks uses a six point strap system, mounting the lower straps on the inside of the thigh surfaces of the saddle.  This does several things: Frees the sensitive crotch area, zero jimmy pressure. The hips straps securely hold the user to the rear and support the weight when the angle is tilted forward.  Adjustment connections are away from the pilots body.  B) X-Jetpacks straps are secured by velcro to the larger foam pad and for added security are wrapped in a padded cover to prevent sharp contact with the pilot. Due to the pads under the straps, the hardware is all kept off the body.
jetlev-harness-detailA) The five point harness has one strap right through the crotch. Metal fittings in contact with the pilots body all over. Wide hip mount points allow the hips to move sideways and require padded inserts for smaller riders to make up for the gap. B) Straps are hard over the shoulders and can cut into the neck if the pilot is shifting sideways quickly during learning or aggressive movements of the jetpack.

x-jetpacks-torsion-bar-twist-2X-Jetpack system, one solid one inch thick bar of nylon, four heavy 316 bolts and aircraft locking nuts. Done. Not only does the firm progressive resistance of the bar assist pilots, we designed it simple and easy to replace. The best thing? We’ve never had to replace one.  Need to pick up the X-Jetpack? Grab the torsion bar.
Jetlev-torsion-bar-detailJetlev from Florida has a complicated system with screws and pins and inserts into a lightweight piece of plumbing tube. So lightweight that they have to put a sticker on it warning you not to pick up the jetpack with the tube lest it break.



x-jetpacks-handgrip-detailX-Jetpacks, rubber grips, bike standard, human scale, easy to hold.
Jetlev-handgrip-detailFlorida’s Jetlev handles, metal, hard, fat diameter.
Two jet channelsX-Jetpacks, custom cast smooth rounded channels, non turbulent flow (look at the streams), 6mm thick walls that can take hits and knocks that get dished out on the beach or in the truck on the way to the beach.
dented-nozzle-detailFlorida’s Jetlev power channels, straight tubed Y, welded, thin, easily dented, lots of turbulence, vibration, delicate.
Part count: This is sort of a “get what you pay for”, actually a “less is more” kind of thing.  Jetlev has lots and lots of tiny hardware, screws, rivets, etc. At X-Jetpacks we keep it as simple as possible with a minimum of parts to keep track of while getting the job done, hassle free hydro flight.