How It Works

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The X-Jetpack system is an accessory to a jet ski or personal watercraft, also called a “bolt-on-kit”. It requires that you already own a “personal watercraft” or jet ski with enough power to do the job.  ( Needless to say, it does not come with its own water pump powerplant) The system uses the power of the jet ski engine to pump the water and supply enough pressure to lift the jetpack and rider into the air.  You must have, or purchase a jet ski unit on your own and add the jetpack unit to it by modifying the nozzle section at the rear or the ski with a X-Jetpacks supplied kit. The jet ski can be returned to its initial state at any time by mechanically removing the adapter kit. Due to the power requirements, a high output jet ski is required. We are building for Seadoo musclecraft similar models from Yamaha and Kawasaki.

The thrust of the water from the jetski is redirected 180 degree to the front of the craft and up a 20 meter long hose to the jetpack. The fast moving, powerful stream of water is then split into two thrust streams which are independently controlled by the rider with the steering arms. Classic jetpack physics invented in the 1950’s. By controlling the angle and differences in angle, the rider can move forward and turn right or left in any direction.

The hose acts as a towing connection to the jetski, wherever the jetpack rider turns, the jetski powerunit is towed behind. When riding the jetpack, this action takes place naturally and the jetpack riders is generally unaware of the jetski unit following behind.

The X-Jetpack system requires two people to operate. One rider on the jet ski, controlling the throttle and the power of the water, the second person, the jetpack rider controlling the direction and angle of the flight. This system is the best way to learn how to fly with the rider on the jet ski serving as the instructor and able to monitor the sport environment and surroundings and assist the jetpack rider when needed.


We’d like for you to buy and fly our jetpacks, but we would not like to disappoint you. So we would like to tell you some unvarnished truths here so hype & hope don’t become tears.

You have to be comfortable to modify your jetski. Someone, maybe you, maybe your mechanic friend, maybe your tough girlfriend is going to get their hands dirty removing the steering nozzle and venturi from the back of your jet ski.  Possibly the reverse and braking bucket if you have a fancy high-end Seadoo model.  Not a really big deal, but some work.  (Don’t worry, we’ll tell you how to do it.)

Different parts of the world have different rules on what you can and cannot do in the water and where you can do it.  Check with your local authorities on what they think.  Be aware that you may be the first person that has ever tried to hydro fly in your area.  Be cool about it and fly in control.

Lastly, this is machine powered sport, in open water, it has some inherent risks involved.  You could get hurt, you could hurt someone else, you could even kill yourself. It hasn’t happened yet in the sport of hydro jetpacks / hydro jetboards, but sooner or later someone is going to do it.  Don’t let that person be you or your friends, fly safe and be aware of your surroundings.