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What is hydroflight?

Flying over the surface of the water with full three dimensional freedom of movement, soaring as in your dreams! Falling to earth with a splash, and a laugh, and ready to fly again in an instant! Stratospheric Industries, aka X·Jets, is proud to be building the best products in the hydroflight industry, design, engineering, safety and most of all performance.

Unparalleled performance, safety minded design, and flight time you can trust for yourself and your customers! Stratospheric is actively building the hydroflight base in equipment, systems,  competitions and safe training methods.  Hydroflight is an activity for the whole family to enjoy, and when you are ready to step it up to the next level, X·Jets has the gear to get you higher!

  1. Choose the jets that are right for you, Jetblades or Jetpack

    Hunter Verlander and Sandy Burns.  Photo by Jack Stone


    We offer two choices of hydro jet systems for two completely different styles of hydro flight experience.  “Standing foot jet” system is called the Jetblade, you stand on the jets and use the natural motions of your feet and balancing of your body to steer and control the movement.  

    “Over the shoulder jets” the X-Jetpacks, are the hydro evolution of the classic rocket jetpack.  In the jetpack you are seated on a flight saddles and use your arms and the small natural movements of your body to turn and maneuver.  Our latest model is the X-Jetpacks NX, the evolution continues in safety and comfort.

    The biggest question we get is whether one or the other is easier to learn or more targeted for younger pilots. The answer is right down the middle both systems are easy to learn and boils down to individual preference.

  2. No Compromise, Full Marine Technology

    All products built by Stratospheric are built for performance and durability.  Cast aluminum marine alloy, CNC machined, 38 micron hard anodize, high temp powdercoated finishes.  CNC jet ski adapters, reinforced, cast aluminum alloy U’s,  316 stainless steel hardware, Dual PU coated 2000 Denier hose.  Stitched ballistic nylon coated nylon vests, padded in all contact areas with the body.  All top of the line construction, it all costs more to manufacture and we stand behind of products. After all who can put a price on not missing the best day on the water?  Our competitors cut every corner, we take the good line. X cares.


  3. Sport Design and Engineering

    This is what we do 365 days a year, we are a hydro company. It took us years of careful research and development before we released of first hydroflight jetpack in early 2013. We are fast at building prototypes and meticulous when it comes to industrialization, the careful process of engineering and building tooling and CNC cutting paths, testing materials, testing configurations and listening to the feedback of the test riders. The process of determining the best engineering configurations need to be carefully researched and developed.    We design dozens of concepts and tested in computer software and built models for real world testing, looking for the right balance between performance and durability.   We have spent decades designing products for sports and know that our users will put our products into demanding situations that we cannot predict.  We built the world’s most technical hydro jet gear without compromise.


  4. SeaDoo, Yamaha, Kawasaki Adapters

    Fits to all major watercraft brands, SeaDoo, Yamaha and Kawasaki. Recommended level of horsepower, 130 (minimum with a pre-loading impeller sold separately) and up. Horsepower relates directly to the weight of the rider that can be lifted and the amount of thrust available. Preloader props are recommended to improve performance and fuel efficiency. Tandem throttle control for safety with the rider aboard the jet ski controlling the thrust of the engine, the hydro board rider controls the directions and altitude.

    Venturis 5

  5. Gravity Cast Marine Alloy Dual 180

    X-Jets Hydroflight Dual 180, aka ShotgunDual 180 from X-Jets, the most technically advanced, beautifully finished, carefully engineered 180 U redirect in all of hydrosport.  X backs up the superior engineering with careful attention to fit and finish.  X anticipates high stress areas and goes and extra step to insure longevity and quality.  The CNC lathe finished 316 stainless steel inlet port on the Dual 180.  Higher stresses are on the mounting side and non-linear torques.  We decided to up the ante and make it stainless.   All this computer flow shaped goodness wrapped inside high temp powder coating inside and out with hard wearing thick epoxy graphics.

  6. Floatation, think safety

    Flotation is  good, face up flotation is better.  We took the obvious and built it into every model of our jetpacks from the beginning.  When you are waiting to start or have just splashed down, X-Jetpacks are designed to guide you into the comfortable, face up position.  Padded vest bars in front stay centered and hold your chest up.  

    Our Jetblades are built with compact floatation cells that keep your feet floating in the water while you are waiting to fly.

    This is hydro flight, there are risks as in any sport, some of the obvious risks we design our equipment to help you avoid.

  7. Compatibility and cross installation

    Naturally the X-Jetpack NX is compatible with the X-Jets Jetblade, just swap either out at the end.  Switch over takes under 2 minutes with our custom designed 316 stainless steel big pin adapter.


  8. Global manufacturing experience

    The individuals responsible for the production of the Stratospheric Industries hydro flight equipment production bring a vast experience in sport equipment design and production.  Sport equipment factories and production in Canada, New York, California, Salt Lake City, Switzerland, Germany, Italy and China. Bring action sports products to the market is what we do best.  We select the right materials and processes for each component from the wide range that is available. Our location in Shanghai China and our western production experience give us the ideal combination to take advantage of the manufacturing possibilities.  Stratospheric established its own assembly facility in 2013 to maintain the highest level of control over quality and assembly methods.  

  9. Retail Prices starting at $6145

    These are the “all in” jet ski conversion kits for hydroflight.   You get an adapter for your brand of jetski, the full hose system and an assembled unit in a sturdy plywood and metal shipping crate.  It arrives securely without getting banged up in transit.  Includes machined adapters for SeaDoo, Yamaha or Kawasaki. Plywood and metal shipping crate. Shipping world-wide via DHL and Federal Express.

    Jetblade Box Text