Basic Safety

Hydro powered flight is full 3D freedom in the air over open water.  Water adds the element of safety when learning to fly and later when attempting more advanced maneuvers. The marine environment, the jet ski powered sport and conditions around the users all add factors of risk.  In order to enjoy the sport to its fullest, you should follow basic safety procedures and be aware of your own limitations.

Be cautious! Go slowy and learn the basics before increasing height and power.

Wear a Personal Floatation Device, PFD, lifevest. The jetpack allows you to easily disconnect and float free in the water. It is always advisable to have extra floatation in the form of a PFD to save energy in the water.

We recommend wearing a helmet, there are no standards for jetpack helmets so we recommend a water sports type or skateboard style helmet for increased protection against light impacts. As the recent stories of Micheal Schumacher illustrate, no helmet can protect you from every situation. Always use good judgement and be aware of your surroundings above and below the water. If you do not know the conditions under the water, use extreme cation to prevent collisions with underwater objects.

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The boat unit houses a powerful motor and water pump.  The force of this water is redirected through the hose to the jetpack.  When the engine is in operation, KEEP CLEAR of the rear and sides of the watercraft.